Louisiana Red & The City Blues Connection - World On Fire


AAA Culture GmbH supports the Blues genre and Blues musicians.

The available reissue makes unique recordings of Louisiana Red and City Blues Connection from the year 1985 for the Blues community available again.

By this, the former production is reissued as historical document unchanged.

Original information:

1.   World On Fire     03:20
2.   Mississippi Girl  02:55
3.   Mini Skirt 01:56
4.   When I Was A Boy 02:18
5.   Voodoo Woman 03:54
6.   Suffering 05:14
7.   Pittsburgh 02:44
8.   Special Medicine 03:55
9.   For My Friend 04:42
10. Soul Food 04:25
11. On My Way To The Kingdom Land 04:21


All songs by Louisiana Red © 1985, Maske Musik GmbH, except “On My Way To the Kingdom Land”, Louisiana Red/Trad., Maske Musik GmbH, © 2017 AAA Culture GmbH ®

Sound engineering: Ben Ahrens

(P) Maske Musik GmbH Hamburg  


Text of the englisch release in 1985

Louisiana Red, living legend of the blues, is now to be heard with the big city sound of nowadays. The “best and important black blues artist” (Clapton about Red) goes Rock with a shot of Rhythm & Blues that you feel like listening to a fusion of Stones, Animals, Blues band, and all those who drank out of the blues wells. But it is still authentic, still Red, the man with a biography that is more film material than anybody’s else in the history of pop music.

He was born under the name of Iverson Minter in Alabama. His mother died one week after his birth, his father was murdered by the Cu Clux Clan when Red was nine (note by AAA Culture GmbH: new sources documented five) years old. Three years he lived in orphanages, then stayed with his grandmother in Pennsylvania. He met Muddy Waters, and could not forget this meeting. He decided to become a musician although that might be a hard road. His work as a street musician did not even pay the daily costs.

He joined a juvenile street gang “to survive”. In a burglary he was caught, then convicted, Later on they send him to Corea with the U.S. Army. He is still proud of having been fired very soon.

For years he went across the USA, took jobs in steelworks, railroad companies, and on the cotton fields. And he played his music, first in the streets and later in the clubs. Under the names of Rocky Fuller, Crying Red, Rocking Red and Playboy Fuller he did his early recording sessions. And he started playing with big names of the Blues as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed. It is not known if his nickname “Red” was inspired by the shot of Indian blood or his social engagement. Anyway it is true that he joined the Black Muslim Movement in the sixties, and hardly escaped from an attempt. Soon Red’s wife died – he wanted to stop playing music forever. It took two years until his friends brought him back to the Blues. Again he played in tours and festivals, performed with musicians like Albert King, Rory Gallagher, Eric Burdon, Johnny Winter.

At that time, his name became bigger in Europe, too. He played at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the American Folk Blues Festival, and in several festivals of the peace movement. Together with Eric Burdon he played a part in the film “Comeback”. 1983 he received the “W. C. Handy Award” as “best traditional male artist.” 1984 he was to stand beside B. B. King on stage of the Montreux Festival.

The themes of the album “World On Fire” came out of Louisiana Red’s own life. The title song is almost gospel-like although rocking along aggressively, and give warning against the nuclear fire, sung by Red with wild emotion. “When I Was A Boy” is a country honk song about the times on the cotton fields.

“Mississippi Girl” and “Voodoo Woman” are love songs, but with the typical Red excitement.

“For My Friend” is dedicated to Bo Diddley, played in the hand jive style, while “Soul Food” shows Red’s old love for soul music. And besides all the “babies of the Blues” (Red) as Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Soul the authentic stuff itself – listen to “Suffering”. The last song of the album is an adaption of an old gospel, “On My Way To The Kingdom Land”. Most of the songs were recorded some kind of live, Red often refused to play a title twice or do overdubs. The spontaneous expression was more important to him. A difficult way to work, but the “City Blues Connection” was the right partner. After the sessions in Volkspark Studio, Hamburg, Red commented: “They are better than any band I had before, even in Chicago”.




Louisiana Red: Vocals & Guitar

Norbert Egger: Guitars (2, 4, 6-8) & Slide Guitar (3)

Heiko Petcke: Blues Harp

Mick Schreiber: Drums, Percussion (1-9, 11)

Uwe Seemann: Bass

Audrey Motaung: Background Vocals

Rev. Josh Blackwell: Keyboards

Ulrich Maske: Guitar (1, 9)

Ben Ahrens: Drums, Percussion (10)


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