CD-Cover "Ganymed" (Fotos: Jakob Roters, Zura Gvantseladze)


Fotos von Jakob Roters, Zura Gvantseladze:






Ganymed - Franz Schubert: Zehn Lieder - Fünf Menuette

An Silvia


Im Abendrot

Tod und das Maedchen

Auf dem Wasser zu singen

Ave Maria


Nähe des Geliebten

Gretchen am Spinnrad

Nacht und Träume

5 Menuette und 6 Trios - 1

5 Menuette und 6 Trios - 2

5 Menuette und 6 Trios - 3

5 Menuette und 6 Trios - 4

5 Menuette und 6 Trios - 5
















Corinna Ruba über die Produktion: 

"It all began in 2016 with a concert in Tbilisi.

Levan Tskhadadze called me up asking, if I’d be interested in doing a concert together with him and the Georgian Sinfonietta, at the “Fabrika Tbilisi“, a new center of arts and culture in the georgian Capital.

Of course I said yes. So we started to create the repertoire and came up with something typical German: Lieder. My first choice was Schubert. To be honest, during my studies I had pretty much neglected the Lied, but I had always been fascinated by the songs of Schubert like by no other composer. And there is no other Lied composer evoking such varicolored images inside my mind, as if I am listening to or interpreting Schubert. Each song is like a little movie.

The concert was very successful and nothing like a regular recital. Concertgoers stood up, danced and filmed with their smartphones. The atmosphere resembled a rock concert. Indescribable. I was quite moved as a German singer to be welcomed so sincere and enthusiastic by the Georgian audience.

Soon we had the idea to record an album of Schubert’s songs. I picked the songs and Levan took on the arrangements. Some titles had been rarely or never performed with an orchestra before. We wanted to attempt something new, something unconventional, far off the usual, mostly square image of German song. Our mission was to bestow a new face upon the music, experiment with tone colors, capture the images. To complete the project, we added the five menuets, to have the orchestra play a major role.

In AAA Culture we found a label who liked our idea and believed in us. And this is how this CD was created.

With sweat, tears and the essence of our hearts. With passion…"