AAA Culture Productions


Blues & Rock

 Norbert Egger & His Natural Blues - I Am Not Don Quixote (Album) - Released: 25.08.2021 - more


 Natural Blues - Elementary Power (Album) - Released: 25.01.2021 - more


Natural Blues - Extraordinary Times (The Duo Sessions) (EP). Released 11.12.2020 - more


 Natural Blues - I Can't Breathe (EP). Released 16.11.2020 - more 






City Blues Connection - 40 Years. 1979-2019 (Double album), released 16.10.2019 - more


Natural Blues - Shame On You, Mr. Trump (EP), released 02.05.2019, more


Van Dyck Inc. - Blend of Spices (Album), released 2019 


City Blues Connection - Anna Liza (Album), released 26.01.2018, more


Louisiana Red & The City Blues Connection - World On Fire (Album), remastered reissued 2017 (first released 1985), more


Wolfgang Kalb - Blues Songster (Album), released 2018 


Wolfgang Kalb - Got Them Old Walkin' Blues (Album)


Various artists (incl. City Blues Connection) BGD Rock City (Album). release 2015 - more




AAA Culture offes selected musical production of various genres via direct sales and commerce. 

Classical Music

Bach cantata, performed by Elena Kononenko and the Salzburg Soloists: "... and my Soul speeks" ("... und meine Seele spricht") (Shop)   "Sounds from heaven": selected great arias, performed by Angelo da Silva, Dana Hammett, Dmitry Iogman, Elena Kononenko, Fernando Araujo (("Himmlische Klänge") (Shop)    


Blues & Rock

BGD ROCK CITY, performed by artists from the Berchtesgadener region