AAA Culture GmbH Company Profile

AAA Culture, a Familie Egger Holding AG company.


Scope of Business:

Production, acquisition, trading and distribution as well as all necessary business activities for commercialization of culture products broadly defined inclusive all necessary services.


Main Focus:

  • Production and distribution of music (digital as well as physical products like audio CDs and vinyl albums) in Blues and classical music. Marketing for our artists.
  • Management of bands and musicians including concert and tour organization for artists of AAA Culture label.
  • Copyright and performance rights management.
  • Production and distribution of music-related literature.
  • Management readings of our authors.
  • Production of radio shows in german spoken market.



  • As SMB company each year several music and literature productions incl. all necessary management activitites.
  • Several Blues acts with number one position in middle European Blues charts, all albums in top 10.
  • Several Blues acts airplays in more than 100 radio and TV stations in Europe and the Americas with great reviews.
  • All published books well-rated with great reviews.
  • Radio shows in more that a dozen radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Main Skills

  • Management, analytics, IT and design.
  • Composition, music production, music arrangement, music live performance.
  • Music and literature production, distribution and marketing 
  • Digital music market.
  • Event organization.
  • Copyright and performance rights.