Norbert Egger & His Natural Blues - I Am Not Don Quixote (Album)

(Released: August 25 2021)



Album I Am Not Don Quixote 

2020/2021 will go down in history because of the largescale impact of the COVID19 pandemic on mankind. Natural Blues also suffered greatly from this situation. And not only because concerts did not take place due to the lockdown, the current production of this German-Austrian band was also affected by a border closure lasting several weeks. However, with patience and perseverance it was possible to record and produce the current album.

Norbert Egger (vocals, guitar and percussion) and Alex Meik (double Bass, e-bass and vocals) did a couple of recording sessions focused on acoustic Delta and Country Blues, completed by duo recordings from an electric street band style of Chicago’s Maxwell Street musicians of the 1940/1950s to modern Blues Rock. The Natural Blues duo’s music is enriched by the contributions of three guest musicians, Hubert Hofherr (Blues harp), Andy Winkler (piano) and Michael Alf (piano).

The songs, composed by Norbert Egger are largely autobiographically and are focussing on love songs and critical lyrics. The song texts are covering the local fight against culturedestroying politics, the local and global fight against increasing racism as well as ironic treatment of the shameful behaviour of the outvoted Donald J. Trump with his coup attempt.

The opening song We'll Handle That presents an ironical optimistic message with a catchy tune and acoustic Blues like in the 1920s. Nanna, a Blues with love song lyrics, continues the style of the early Blues.

The spherical acoustic instrumental Slidin' To Call For Action takes the listener into the Mississippi Delta of the 1930s. She’s Great, played by Andy Winkler (piano) and Norbert Egger (Dobro guitar and vocals) is a speeding BoogieWoogie in a wild juke joint atmosphere of this decade. The music of this era is taken up in the Delta Blues I Hear My Phone Ringing, Muddy Waters, Sweet Goddess Blues & Rockin' Goddess Blues. Traditional Fishing Blues is the last song of the album’s Country Blues part. In Three O'Clock In The Mornin', also played with acoustic instruments only, the power and wonderful sound of acoustic musical instruments can be heard.

Songs #11 to #16 are presenting the electric part of this album. Wild 1940s/1950s Chicago Blues in the street band style like Mr. President, Weepin‘ n‘ Moanin', Leave You In The Morning, and Blues Rock like I Can't Breathe and What My Boss Wants depict the power of this duo, not to forget the storytelling Good Riddance with the final chapters of the Donald J. Trump story. The development session recording of Slidin' To Call For Action is added as a bonus track. 

I Am Not Don Quixote shows an unknown facet of Natural Blues.

Whether live or via studio production: you shouldn’t miss out on hearing the Natural Blues!



Alex Meik (Double bass, e-bass, lead vocals, backing vocals)

Andy Winkler (Piano)

Hubert Hofherr (Blues harp)

Michael Alf (Piano)

Norbert Egger (Slide-, lead- & picking quitar, lead vocals, percussion)



Catalog number: AAA-2021-0003

EAN (CD): 0791732582642

EAN (Online): 0791732582659



1. We'll Handle That 03:16

2. Slidin' To Call For Action 03:52

3. She's Great 03:05

4. Nanna 03:07

5. I Hear My Phone Ringing 04:43

6. Muddy Waters 02:59

7. Sweet Goddess Blues 03:24

8. Rockin' Goddess Blues 03:20

9. Fishing Blues 03:21

10. Three O'Clock In The Mornin' 05:10

11. Mr. President 04:39

12. I Can't Breathe 02:55

13. Leave You In The Morning (Single Version) 03:17

14. Weepin' n' Moanin' 03:42

15. What My Boss Wants 03:44

16. Good Riddance 06:00

17. Slidin' To Call For Action (Bonus Track) 05:04

Total Time 01:05:48


Released since August 25 2021

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