Natural Blues - I Can't Breathe (EP)


For almost 40 years, Natural Blues has stood for powerful Blues and committed lyrics. The dramatic developments due to police violence in the USA were the impulse for the EP I Can’t Breathe. The artistic engagement is supported financially by donating the net income from the song to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Natural Blues is the Blues formation created in Hamburg by Norbert Egger (guitar and vocals) in 1982. Initially intended as a “side project”, with its incredibly diverse power Blues and extravagant show, the band evolved to become a main act.

After the death of the founding member and outstanding Blues harp player Heiko Petcke in 2017, Norbert Egger re-formed and expanded the band. At the new formation, Alex Meik (double bass), Hubert Hofherr (Blues harp), and Stefan Schubert (guitar and vocals) joined the band. Blues from all eras of its history is presented, from the earliest country blues on acoustic instruments to the Blues of the 1920s, Mississippi Delta Blues, Chicago Blues and current Blues Rock. As live act, Natural Blues offers an extraordinary stage performance: it is captivating and entertaining, when band leader Norbert Egger throws his jacket across the stage, letting his slide guitar scream while sliding on his knees or lying on the floor, Hubert Hofherr is doing his magic with the Blues harp, Stefan Schubert conjures up his brilliant solos on the parquet, or the whole band involves the audience as a huge background choir.

Natural Blues is elemental primal power, music and a show really worth listening to, captivating any audience! 


Alex Meik (Double Bass & E-Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals)

Hubert Hofherr (Blues Harp)

Norbert Egger (Lead Vocals, Slide Guitar, Piano)

Stefan Schubert (Solo & Rhythm Guitar)

Gast: Florian Speth (Drums)


Catalog number: AAA-2020-0003

EAN (CD): 0791732582581

EAN (Online): 0791732582598



1. I Can’t Breathe (Norbert Egger) 02:54

2. Weepin’n’Moanin‘ (Norbert Egger) 03:41

3. Sweet Goddess Blues (Norbert Egger) 03:25

4. Rockin‘ Goddess Blues (Norbert Egger) 03:18

5. What My Boss Wants (Norbert Egger) 05:08

Total Time 18:29


Released 16.11.2020

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