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February 14 2021: Thank you very much for your support - 3 AAA Culture Blues Acts in Top 20!



Thank you so much sor your plays and with this voting! 
Your support pushed 3 AAA Culture Blues acts into Top 20 of Bluestime Charts for musicians and bands from german-spoken region, based on real Spotify plays:

#4: City Blues Connection  
#7: Natural Blues 
#15: Van Dyck Inc.

Please go on playing our artists. By this you're voting directly and you're generating revenues for our artists in these difficult times. Available as CD, for download and streaming in all important portals, e.g. Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3qvU0QR

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Jan 25 2021: New Album: Natural Blues - Elementary Power

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Album Natural Blues-Album Elementary Power is released now!

For details click on Link 

On this occasion, a special offer is valid until February 8th 2021:

The first 100 orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. receive optionally additionally 


1 Album (CD) Louisiana Red & The City Blues Connection - World On Fire
1 Album (CD) City Blues Connection - Anna Liza

Preis: 19,90 EUR (Tax included). 



Jan 15 2021: Support Music Szene: Rockzirkus.de


Music scene needs support from all, musicians, clubs, magazines, blogs, radio stations, technicians etc.

Have a look to "Rockzirkus".



Jan 2 2021: Thank you for your support in 2020! We wish you all a happy 2021!




Thank you so much for

  • more than 1.8 million streams in 2020!

  • Thanks to your voting 4 of our musicians/bands been 12 months in top 10 and together 22 weeks #1 in Bluestime Blues Charts!

  • for your kind feedback and likes!

Let's bring music in 2021 back on stage again!


EP Extraordinary Times (The Duo Sessions) released- Landing Page & Video

The new Natural Blues-EP Extraordinary Times is released and supports Black Lives Matter Movement!

For every CD sold, we donate 2,00 EUR to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Also the full net income from streaming & download of the song I Can't Breathe will be donated to blacklivesmatter.com

Here's the landing page leading to the  streaming portals: Link

Beside our YouTube-Video for the duo version - if you like it, we would be happy for a "like" in YouTube!

Thanks a lot!




EP Extraordinary Times (The Duo Sessions) Release Date December 11 2020 

With another EP Natural Blues is supportng Black Lives Matter Movement again!

Extraordinary Times (The Duo Sessions)  is a musical journey from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago: The 8 (!!!) songs range from Delta Blues with Dobro and other acoustics to modern electric Chicago Blues. 

From this EP 2,00 EUR for every CD sold and the full net income of the songs I Can't Breathe to Black Lives Matter Movement.

16.11.2020: Released: New Natural Blues EP I Can't Breathe 


Is Facebook supporting racists?
Just now - as happened a year ago with the song "Shame On You, Mr. Trump" - our post with the link to the song "I Can't Breathe" has been deleted from Facebook with the note "violates community standards" 
From my opinion, people and organizations who are against anti-racism, can only be racists by themselves! It is a shame, what Facebook is doing!
Der gelöschte Text ist:
We donate the full net income of the song “I Can’t Breathe” to blacklivesmatter.com (additionally we donate more).

Please follow the link to our Spotify playlist: https://spoti.fi/2IzkU9I

If you like to listen on other streaming portals, please user our landing page https://naturalblues.de/landing-page

It does cost you no money, but we receive revenues and can donate more.

Thanks a lot for your help!




05.11.2020: New Natural Blues EP - I Can't Breathe will be released on November 16 2020 


With this EP Natural Blues supports the Black Lives Matter Movement: To the strong message for Black Lives Matter financial commitment is added. From every CD sold, 2.00 EUR plus the whole net income from the title song from streaming etc. will be donated to blacklivesmatter.com!

27.10.2020: We are taking a stand against racism

Stopp Racism!

In the USA, but also in our country, there is no end in sight to racism. Racist remarks here and in the USA on top of that, racially motivated murders. It is high time to fight against racism and xenophobia.

That is why we are committed to thematic and financial engagement: New Natural Blues EP will be released on November 16 2020 and the theme song „I Can’t Breathe“ calls against racism. For every CD sold, EUR 2 goes to the Black Lives Matter movement, and we also donate fixed amounts.

Get involved against racism and xenophobia!




03.09.2020: Restart Culture - Now Available: Reduced Tickets Pre-Selling For Natural Blues Concert November 16 2020

Available at:
AAA Culture GmbH, Löslerstr. 21, D-83471 Schönau am Königssee
Tel.: +49 151 464 58 134
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


June 16 2020: Thank you, thank you & thank you again! Again 3 AAA Culture Blues Acts in Bluestime Top 10 Blues Charts: #1, #2 & #6


Thanks a lot for your voting!

In June, again 3 AAA Culture Blues are in top 10:

#1 Van Dyck Inc.

#2 City Blues Connection

#6 Natural Blues

Thank you, thank you & thank you, again!



March 11 2020: City Blues Connection Chart Positions - new #1 inBlues Album Charts, Switzerland, too

Thank you, thank you & thank you again:

Double album City Blues Connection 40 Years is #1 in iTunes Swiss Blues Album Charts in March 2020 (after #1 in Italy in December 2019)

Click here, to listen or downlaod City Blues Connection 40 Years in various portals

Natural Blues 27.02.2020 in KLANG-FILM-THEATER Schladming

Natural Blues, elementary power LIVE in Klang-Film-Theater Schadming, Badergasse 211, 8970 Schladming, Austria

Thursday, 27.02.2020, 08:00pm

Details: www.facebook.com/events


We wish you Merry Christmas and a peaceful, good and happy 2020!

Wintertime in Berchtesgaden


Top News: 

Natural Blues Trio December 22  2019 in Hotel Edelweiss, Berchtesgaden

Hotel Edelweiss, Maximilianstr, 2, 83471 Berchtesgaden, Germany

from 08:00 to 11:00pm

Hubert Hofherr (Blues Harp) and Norbert Egger (Vocals & Guitar) are well-known Bluesmen by concerts from City Blues Connection and Natural Blues. In this concert, they play in a trio Blues from 100 years from "unplugged" to electric Rhythm & Blues.

Details: www.facebook.com/events


40th Anniversary Concert 17.10.2019: City Blues Connection  Live on ORF TV

See City Blues Connection live in ORF (broadcast from October 17 2019). The band live at the festival Jazz & The City, Salzburg.

Link ORF-Mediathek


40th Anniversary Concert, October 16 2019, 08:30pm, Rockhouse Salzburg: FREE ENTRY

Within the festival Jazz & The City, Salzburg

LIVE: City Blues Connection - The Rhythm & Blues Big Band

Wednesday, October 16 2019, 08:30pm (Door open: 19:30)

Rockhouse (Hall), Salzburg, Schallmooser Hauptstraße 46, 5020 Salzburg, Austria



14.09.2019: Thanks A Lot For Your Voting AAA Culture Blues Acts!

4 AAA Culture Blues Acts in Top 10!

Details in News: http://aaa-culture.com/en/news-en.html



So., 20.04.2019: Stop suppression by Facebook in favor of Mr. Trump

No supression of opinion and arts - Freedom of opinion even at Facebook required!

Unbelievable, how Facebook does supression of opinion and arts in favor of Mr. Trump!

The distributed Youtube link presenting the Natural Blues "Shame On You, Mr. Trumo" maxisingle is supressed by Facebook. Facebook says, this "goes against community standards". Supporting Trump and helping to manipulate the US elections by Facebook (remember the Camebridge Analytica story) has been real unacceptable!

Please do not accept suppresion! Listen to the maxisingle using https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m1-kO0VN3Tq2SFe6IqWhhRp8TVKDXvkWM, like the song and distribute the link. Do not accept Facebooks support for Mr. Trump!

Look at the Facebook suppression, supporting Mr. Trump: