We Support Our Musicians


Everybody's talking about the importance of culture - we do not talk, we help! Be part of supporting musicians in these pandemic time! 


AAA Culture increases until min. October 31 2020 the revenues for their artists for download, streaming and physical sellings (CDs and books):

  • Pre-financed productions receive more than 90% of all revenues! 
  • For all other productions, the artists receive 25% more revenues, as contracutally agreed!
  • For all artists, which have been prepaid, another 5% of the revenues, will be distributed to the artists on December 31 2020. 

If a significant participation is recognized, we'll extend this for min. another 2 months until December 31 2020. 

Streaming playlists and download links for many shops like Tidal, Spotify, YouTube, an many more can be found in


So follow our artists, play their playlists - no cost for you, but the artists earn more money!